Nonprofit Technical Consultancy

I’m creating a nonprofit technology consultancy to provide capacity building to small organizations.

The goal is to assist nonprofits and small businesses with their technical needs by creating a nonprofit technology consultancy. Many smaller organizations could benefit from access to technical expertise, but lack the budget to hire a dedicated technical staff or to pay the hourly rate of for-profit consultants. The nonprofit technology group would work at reduced rates, bringing income from donations, grants, and sponsorships. This will result in many organizations improving their use of technology, helping them achieve their objectives more efficiently. The number of paid employees would be limited at first until budget is available. This means that volunteer technical consultants will be needed initially.

I’ve pitched this proposal to several people in the Northeast Ohio nonprofit community with generally positive responses. Many have suggested I research nonprofit structures and funding possibilities. I’m in the planning phase of conducting this research.

Get Involved

Contact me to become a part of this initiative. Right now, we need people who will help plan, organize, and recruit volunteers. People who can help navigate the nonprofit granting process would help a lot as well. Technical, managerial, and designer volunteers are needed as well, and I can direct you to resources who need
your help.

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