New Drupal Site screen shot

For the Kent Community TimeBank, I’ve been working with the content management system (CMS) called Drupal, and I’ve decided to use it more – on my new business-focused website Not a lot there right now, but I plan to continue experimenting to build up my Drupal experience.

Although they market Drupal by saying things like “you don’t have to write any HTML”, I find it much less user-friendly than WordPress (therefore requiring a more tech-savvy user who can probably figure out HTML anyways). However, it also seems more formal – and I like this. With WordPress, there are as many ways to organize content as there are developers that can author plugins, and it seems to have grown organically out of the blogging functionality. Drupal seems more like a framework with standard plugins that can be used to define specific content types. As I said, I’m still getting my feet wet. Once I get totally immersed in both, I plan to write a comparison post.

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