Mending Reality

Mending RealityI’m planning a new publication called Mending Reality: Creativity Towards Change to be released online and in print. “Mending” evokes the act of fixing or healing. “Reality” refers to our cultural, political, and economic systems. Humans create the status quo of violence and injustice. I want to have a conversation about changing and healing these systems.

Here’s an incomplete list of symptoms. In the United States, we have terrible instances of mass violence by lone shooters. Abroad, we make unceasing war that our citizens seem completely sheltered from, lately featuring drone planes — actions the UN has vowed to investigate. We had hurricane Sandy that battered the northeast which scientists (and also insurance companies) believe was made larger by climate change. We have a Congress that intentionally and repeatedly takes the country to the brink of financial ruin. We have a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and many others around the world, where nothing lives due to agricultural runoff.

Since humans have made this reality, I believe we can fix it, make it better, heal it, mend it. We need to mend this reality, if not for ourselves, then for the generations to come. Many people are working on this. We do not mend alone. Here in this journal we list the symptoms, describe the diagnosis, prescribe treatments, and document mending in action.

In putting this journal together, I reach out to people for their words and images that show reality on the mend, inviting them to think more about what we must do, how we must act to heal ourselves, how we can live with justice and love.

If you need more inspiration, here are some further prompts. How specifically do we heal the world around us? There are many phases of healing – diagnosis, acceptance, treatment. What portion of the healing can we contribute to? In what ways do we play the roles of both doctor and patient?

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  1. Thasia Anne

    Hello, My name is Thasia Anne. I am the director and producer of WOW, Women of Word poetry project. We take the subjects of Domestic Violence, Molestation, Human Trafficking, Homelessness, Abortion and Death. It involves several poets in each set doing their poetry back and forth as a conversation, answering each other.
    This years theme is to leave the audience speechless, or start the conversation that never stops.
    Our date is March 13th in the Edinboro University Alexander Music Center at 6 PM.

    I understand that you may be looking for the answers rather than a discussion about those subjects. We believe getting the conversation started is the start.
    If you are interested in knowing more about our project, please contact Thasia — tannetaf(at) or 814-XXX-XXXX

    Update: I redacted Thasia Anne’s phone number – Jayce

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