Letter to Maj and Lu

Winter Solstice 09Tuba Christmas Akron 2008

Maj and Lu,
Hope this finds you staying warm and happy.

Saturday, Connie and I went to Tuba Christmas in Akron. Have you ever gone to that? It’s a free concert with hundreds of tubists playing carols. A deep, warm sound. People sing along.

Tucker Jolly has been conducting and organizing Akron’s Tuba Christmas for 30 years. It’s now at EJ Thomas, but when it was at the Civic, I loved watching the organist rise up out of the floor riding the organ. That was the opening act while people got seated.

I’d always get teary-eyed when it was time for him to go. He’d slowly sink back down with the organ. People would cheer and applaud. The organ rider would keep playing with one hand and turn halfway round and wave with the other, descending to the deep, never heard from again till next year.

Take care,

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