Mending Reality 
Spring 2013

Mending Reality Released

Today I delivered many copies of the literary / art journal that has taken me several months to produce. But it’s finally here: Mending Reality: creativity towards change. The process of making a new journal has been highly educational for me. Aside from understanding the editorial and layout processes better, I’ve learned quite a bit […]

Mending Reality

Mending Reality

I’m planning a new publication called Mending Reality: Creativity Towards Change to be released online and in print. “Mending” evokes the act of fixing or healing. “Reality” refers to our cultural, political, and economic systems. Humans create the status quo of violence and injustice. I want to have a conversation about changing and healing these […]

Delta Drawing 0.1 Screenshot

Delta Drawing Pre-Alpha Released

The 0.1 version of the Delta Drawing tool used to create my curve set images is now available for download for people running Windows. Since this is a pre-alpha release, the user interface is spartan, and users will need to edit input files in a text editor like Notepad. The functionality can be used to […]

Artist’s Statement – Curve Sets [Information Art]

“This kind of art [conceptual] is not theoretical or illustrative of theories; it is intuitive, it is involved with all types of mental processes… The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” – Sol LeWitt, Art Forum, June 1967 My current body of work in the show “Curve Sets [Information Art]” originated from a […]

Time Exchange Research

I’ve compiled some research on the time exchange concept – seems like a good way to strengthen the community and build real friendships. What’s a time exchange? The “community exchange” or “time exchange” or “time bank” concept is one where people exchange services within a community on a volunteer basis (without exchanging money). The hours […]

Nonprofit Technical Consultancy

I’m creating a nonprofit technology consultancy to provide capacity building to small organizations. Overview The goal is to assist nonprofits and small businesses with their technical needs by creating a nonprofit technology consultancy. Many smaller organizations could benefit from access to technical expertise, but lack the budget to hire a dedicated technical staff or to […]