Analog Curve Sets

As a continuation of my Curve Set art series, I’ve begun manually drawing some curve sets using ink and paper. I believe this new working method will end up reinforcing and refreshing the digital work (I’m researching fuzzy logic to incorporate into the computer program).

But in the meantime, I’ve rediscovered the love of manual marking using some new tools – Copic markers (which are evidently popular with manga artists and fashion designers). I like them because they always make a consistent mark. And because they have a flexible, brush-like nib that can be used to make delicate lines, bold strokes, and everything in between. I discovered the limits of this fancy marker though – I was drawing so vigorously that I broke the tip on one of them. Now I know.

Anyways, after some initial drawings were complete, I started photographing them using various techniques to make whole new images. An extreme angle and a shallow depth of field throws parts of the drawing out of focus. Intentional camera movement leaves one area mostly true-to-life, while multiplying other areas more and more.

4 responses to “Analog Curve Sets”

  1. Steven B. Smith

    These are very nice. Gives both the mind and the eye something to play with.

  2. alicia d

    jayce. love it! especially the partially blurry ones. careful with those fancy markers! :)

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